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Booths for rabbits

When we talk about houses for rabbits we are referring to two types of products. Two similar but different products within the catalog of our online store animals.

On the one hand stands for rabbits can be your own home, if rabbits are enjoying a larger enclosure and abroad to move. But on the other hand a stand can also be part of the equipment of a cage or rabbit . That is, the more sheltered place finish choosing to sleep as you remember burrows where it would shelter in the natural environment.

Homes for rabbits

In the section of small mammals in our pet store you will see that we have everything necessary to create the most suitable habitat for guinea pigs , squirrels or hamster , and of course for rabbits. For that reason, you will see that these products can sometimes seem like a small house for rabbits where it will safeguard, and sometimes can be the ideal place to place hay that is so basic for food and health.

Here are real homes to be included in the broader and open hutches. So within that fenced these items in which the animal hide the sun for most of the day are placed.

However if you are thinking of creating a space of this style in your garden, always pay attention to the ground, as rabbits are fabulous and tireless diggers. But you returning to these houses, you will see that we warrens of wood , of plastic , of ceramic , and the most varied forms and appearances, so you choose the one you prefer.

A booth inside the cage

Also as we said at the beginning, in the chapter of booths for rabbits we have included those that have to locate inside a cage. The truth is that the rabbit hutches often also called parks, there should appear as a series of entertainments to make more pleasant life in captivity of these animals.

There has to be from toys for rabbits to this type of houses, here are the place to doze, rest or shelter during the hours of more intense light, they least like these nocturnal mammals.

In fact, the concept of some of our kennels for rabbits can be very different. Manufacturers like Trixie , Living World or Karlie Flamingo designed for small spaces adventure animal. They are booths inside them offer different entrances, ramps, tunnels, caves, etc, to do their travels and some exercise.

Anyway, if you have a rabbit apart from other toys that make you gnaw, one of his most important and healthy pastimes, also you you should provide booths , which will serve not only to play and move, but can be your refuge and the favorite spot inside its cage.