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In a virtual store animals as could not miss all objects, accessories and necessary elements to enjoy the company and the chirping of different birds habituated and to coexist with humans. Sean parrots or canaries, parakeets and finches, is the bird that is, here you will find everything you need for hygiene birds , feeding, breeding and its fun.


What bird do you have? Here you will find the ideal cage size, whether large, medium or small bird. We cages for canaries and finches cages, small birds famous for their songs. We also have cages for parakeets and also have for their cousins, ie, you find cages for lovebirds. But if you have tropical birds of larger sizes you can also find here cages for parrots or parakeets cages.

Ultimately, the only way to enjoy the company of a bird house is having a cage, and of course here you'll find them in all sizes and for all birds. Search our chapter birdcages and find from small to large birdhouses and aviaries for birds that need more space. And of course, you will also find breeding cages if yours is to favor the reproduction of certain species.

And out of that section you will find all the accessories necessary for those cages . From the floor stands or security elements to anchor the walls to everything needed for the necessary cleaning of the cages.

Bird Food

So far we have only cited as housing cages of our pet. But now needs to feed her. Do not worry. In our pet shop brands have birdseed most important market (Vitakraft, Psittacus, Cunipic and more) and specialized in food products for canaries, budgies, finches, etc.

If you have such exotic birds like cockatoos, you'll also find here their food. And of course they also have to feed and water appropriate to their size and habits. In this way, you can purchase the best cage nymphs and equipped with corresponding birdfeeder and you can buy the feed perfect for this beautiful tropical bird. But we not only have everything we need for exotic birds, let alone contemplation. We can also, for example, provide cages for quail, with feeders and waterers for ideal laying birds for this species.

And speaking of eating, domestic birds peck also like (pun intended) between meals. To do this we have a vast catalog of snacks for birds , each appropriate for a species. That is, the brands such as Nido, Quico or Chemi Vit have created products that make them feel happier, shapes and natural flavors that remind them of the fruits that would take released. That is why these foods are very different if your pet is a parrot or a canary, and have varied presentations from the bar format the appearance of spikes or seeds.

The health of the birds

A source of health are obviously all these high quality foodstuffs that have named, but we also have another exclusive section dedicated to the health of your flying pet . It is developed by veterinary and pharmaceutical companies specializing in the welfare of these animal products. Therefore, products or brands like Trixie Beaphar are always a guarantee of quality.

These brands and others like Tabernil or Versele-Laga, also present in our virtual pet store, offering their products in the form of tablets, lotions or sprays or vitamin treatments to placate certain digestive, allergic, lung, skin problems, etc. While this type of treatment is always interesting that your veterinarian recommends that acudís regularly. But once made this specialized consultation, here you will find everything you need for your bird improve your health, redisplay a splendid plumage or follow alegrándote the morning with their songs and trills.

Cleaning birds

Closely related to what has been said before, is also the hygiene of birds . To get it, not only the animal has to be clean, but also their habitat. That is, the cleaning of the cage is basic, and we will provide everything for you get it, especially practical to apply disinfectant sprays every so often and avoid possible sources of infection.

Also we offer you products of some of the brands of pharmacy and veterinary we have already mentioned above for you to keep your bird dewormed. And if you want, and your bird likes, from time to time you can even give him a bath, and you will see that we have to bath salts exclusive to them.

That is, as we said at the beginning, our pet shop can provide you with everything you need to make a bird (or more) is your favorite pet