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Food & Water Dispensers for Small Animals

Food & Water Dispensers for Small Animals

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Food and water bowls for rabbits

Rabbit cage is the house of your pet inside your home. There is everything you need: your place to make your stools, your sleeping area, toys and of course the essential feeders and waterers rabbits.

Feeding rabbits

They are quite different waterers feeders for rabbits. In the case of accessories to give your diet can be a variety of ways. And it must be borne in mind that we have to give a rabbit food combining feedstuff for these small mammals, with some part or piece of fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to the essential dry or alfalfa hay for rabbits is part of their diet.

Feeders for rabbits

So we can distinguish different types of containers by type of rabbit food to which it is intended. For example, in the case of the feed can be a simple ceramic bowls or plastic pieces or stainless steel anchored to the bars of the cage for rabbits. The truth is that the variety is enormous, and brands like Trixie , Karlie Flamingo or Ferplast we propose numerous models.

The same applies to containers to house the hay. This type of feeder rabbits is different from before. As a rule it is a kind of external hopper to the cage in which the feed is placed and the rabbit is taking him, so that by the law of gravity is falling hay and is permanently accessible to the animal. While there are other accessories for rabbits intended to provide them with hay but in this case placed inside the cage and appear much more textured, like large containers of hay they are on farms.

Finally regarding feeders are mentioned various metal supports designed by different manufacturers to be placed in rabbit hutches and can stay there for them as true delicacies can be a piece of carrot or rabaneta.

Drinkers for rabbits

But in our online store not only animals we offer a wide range with the best feeders also have available a large catalog of drinking troughs for rabbits.

You will see that all brands that do this kind of items such as rabbits Savic , Classic for Pets or Gaun have in common that they are drinking fountains to be placed on the outside of the cage. And except in the case of automatic waterers generally these rabbits waterers work through a kind of bottle. It must be an animal who aspire and seek the water.

But it is a bottle whose mouthpiece is hard, metal and preferably stainless steel, because you have to take into account the teeth of this species of mammals. It's amazing what they have sharp teeth rabbits, and are also used to gnaw anything, and certainly a soft spout for drinking would last a very short time.