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Hygiene and Cleaning for Small Animals

Hygiene and Cleaning for Small Animals

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Hygiene and cleaning rabbits

Having a pet at home not only supposed to feed him and play with her. It also carries brought worry about cleanliness and hygiene. In our online shop we have for each animal animals with which you want to live in your home everything you need for these basic health issues carry out the most appropriate and correctly. And of course, we have for all those which you live with small mammals, including rabbits.

You're going to find not only necessary for the hygiene of the animal itself, but we also have everything necessary so that is clean cage for rabbits because it depends largely on his health. Besides a rabbit cage without hygiene can be a source of infection for the whole family, or at least a source of odors.

To primp your pet

One of the great charms of these animals is their appearance and especially the feel of his fur. Obviously for that to be so few care about newspapers bathrooms are basically required using a shampoo for rabbits specific. In our online pet store you have several products of this style, all quality and suitable for dermatologic conditions of the animal.

And in addition, we offer you also different brushes for rabbits , so that cleaning the bathroom and end up with a nice hairstyle that gives luster and shine to your pet.

But besides these combs pass rabbits, you may also need a cut, for which disponéis hair scissors. Special scissors for these critters, as are the nail clippers for rabbits , another newspaper care that we provide these types of pets.

more hygienic care

For others care more related to the hygienic and health prevention than aesthetics are some other accessories for rabbits available in this section. For example, pipettes for rabbits. Actually, it is very linked to animal cleaning and hygiene with yours and your family. For that reason, never forget to apply regularly antiparasitic products for rabbits.

And if the subject of parasites is important, it is also the care of the ears of those particular animals. You will see that we have products for this use. Actually, you should never miss a cleaner rabbit ears, because it is a very sensitive organ of the animal.

Cleaning the cage

In the cage you should never miss hay for rabbits , key for food, for your digestive system and the proper maintenance of your teeth. So the hay is an essential ingredient in your diet, virtually the principal in rabbit food. But as we said at the beginning, we not only have to worry about feeding their best, we have to keep clean, him and his cage.

How to make them clean? For it it is very simple, because the most important thing is to clean the bottom of the cage, which is interesting for it is covered with a bed for rabbits that change regularly. That bed made of paper, straw, corn or wood chips for rabbits is mostly absorbing both liquids and aromas.

That material covering the floor of the house for rabbits is changed regularly because there a lot of waste deposited. Thus the cage is disinfected. And just as you have to clean the tray which can teach you to make your bowel movements. Elements, often of corner type also filled with the same type of bed, so that cleaning is rather simple.