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Reviews of Rodent World
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  • Published by on 06/04/2021

    Good value and just what my Ratties love to play in.

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  • Published by on 22/09/2019

    Amazing size, fits both gerbils and adult syrian hamsters perfectly.

    See Plastic Exercise Wheel
  • Published by on 27/05/2019

    Great product

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  • Published by on 17/04/2019

    Hamster loves this

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  • Published by on 30/10/2018

    Lightweight and of a good size for Syrians

    See Plastic Exercise Wheel
  • Published by on 29/10/2018

    Lightweight despite the size! My robo likes this.

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  • Published by on 03/07/2018

    Nice wheel, light weight, silent and save space in their cage

    See Plastic Exercise Wheel
  • Published by on 17/10/2014

    This is a must for guinea pigs - they squealed with excitement when I first put it in their playpen and whenever I enter the room one of them is always lying inside. They seem to like hiding in it more than nibbling it - but if one of the rabbits jumps in the pen the first thing they do is have a good gnaw.

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