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Reviews of Sera Terrarium
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  • Published by on 04/06/2024

    Very competitive price. This product is the only one on the market that our tortoises will eat. They love it softened with a little water. Would recommend to anyone with hatchlings. One hatching seemed very weak at first but grew strongly when given just this. One of our adults will only eat this and some wild plants.

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  • Published by on 24/01/2022

    So far so good I had wood mite in my vivarium I sprayed this in my soil and around area mites were seen and they don't seem to have come back. I didn't spray on my whater dragon as I won't put chemicals on him but there have been no negative effects to him after putting it in his enclosure

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  • Published by on 15/09/2021

    Good product

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  • Published by on 10/04/2020

    All of my tortoises like it.

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