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Reviews of Num'axes
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  • Published by on 30/08/2022

    Instructions only in Spanish, which made set up difficult until we found an english version on the internet. Product is lightweight and easy to use. The bird loading door is great once you have set the trap. I have another make of trap which is similar to this, and it has a hole in the loading door so that a pigeon tail can partly stick through. This Canifly has a solid door, and I had to bend the tail of my homing pigeons to be able to fit them in, as the sling is quite short. Will be fine for quail but a bit small for pigeons unless we cut a hole ourselves.

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  • Published by on 08/05/2022

    A very good , easy to use product.

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  • Published by on 15/09/2021

    Excellent delivery and a brillant product they are a very professional set up

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  • Published by on 20/03/2015

    Really good collar best one weve had so far. I have a labrador who has seperation anxiety and howls and barks soon as hes left and this works a treat and although he is very rarely left alone it seems to calm him down. Only downside is that if collar is slightly lose his bark won't activate collar.

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