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  • Published by on 18/04/2023

    Is a perfect product for my rabbit. Is good for respiratory problems and avoid allergies

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  • Published by on 27/02/2023

    I have a Netherland dwarf who's prone to stasis and digestive upsets from stress. This food seems to agree with him and encourages him to eat more hay, when used as a forage.

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  • Published by on 27/02/2023

    Not as soft as I was expecting. My mice don't like it for nesting, so I just mixed it with their usual litter.

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  • Published by on 19/08/2022

    So amazing love this product helped my guinea pigs so much love this product 100%%%% recommend!!!!

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  • Published by on 23/04/2022

    Its the only food Ive found that my boys eat all of it

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  • Published by on 03/03/2022

    Excellent product, both my rabbits love it, but unfortunately they pick and choose what they eat out of it, my rabbit with the dental problems coat is so shiny :)

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  • Published by on 17/01/2022

    My rabbit like it very much

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  • Published by on 30/12/2021

    My rabbit loves it and it was recommended by my vet !

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  • Published by on 23/12/2021

    Excellent value

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  • Published by on 15/12/2021

    Read that budgies like to play with hay so bought this to provide some enrichment for them.

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  • Published by on 29/11/2021

    Great food for fussy rabbits that don't eat enough hay. I'm hoping it will save him from having another tooth op

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  • Published by on 30/10/2021

    My rabbit likes it and it helps to slow down the overgrown teeth process a little

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  • Published by on 26/09/2021

    Fine and smooth as silk - just what any gerbil loves to find whenever they feel like a turn in their sand bath. Anda nice and easy to pour carton - less likely to spill than from an opened bag.

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  • Published by on 26/09/2021

    Lovely mix, good variety, more interesting for the little folk to find and enjoy!

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  • Published by on 28/06/2021

    It’s a good vitamin that increases the ferrets appetite but they dislike him its taste.

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  • Published by on 28/06/2021

    Good product and effective on my pets

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  • Published by on 19/01/2021

    Cheaper than a vets bill!
    We have a bunny whose teeth are wonky, so grows at an angle (he had 2 visits to the vet within 2 months to have his teeth ground down, but since having Cunipic dental - he hasn't been back to the vets!)
    We tried multiple hay companies but he eats this stuff. great find, great food.
    A special thankyou to Miscota who are still delivering to the UK after Brexit!
    (Harleys food arrived within 5 days!)

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  • Published by on 23/06/2020

    Perfect. Some other finch seed iv bought, non of them will eat.

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  • Published by on 07/06/2020

    Slowly helping my rabbit clear up his snuffles during the summer time, this is the second purchase and will continue to buy on a regular basis.

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  • Published by on 01/10/2019

    Offers very good, would not order anything else

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  • Published by on 27/09/2013

    I 'm really glad to find The Cuniic Squirrel food on your shop on line, speciallly for my two micro squirrel/pigmy dormice, they totally love this brand

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