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  • Published by on 12/02/2024

    I was sceptic about it but -I have 15+years cat -soo I have seen her standing on it -by age cat mind change - soo I do believe that this activates the brain -because she’s not so “lost” anymore.

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  • Published by on 12/02/2024

    It’s the best scratching thing and it’s light, my cats use it as a playground (up and under ect).

  • Published by on 23/05/2023

    Every cat I have fed this to loves this so much. highly recommend.

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  • Published by on 07/05/2022

    I don't usually leave reviews but this cat litter is amazing!. In the box you get 2 slabs that are vacuum packed so you get plenty in the box it lasts for weeks so the price is well worth it. I have a house cat and used the top brand cat litter. I will never go back to it. When you're cat pees in the pea husk it sooks up every last drop and forms a ball dispose of the ball of pee and I'm not joking no smell no nasty wet cat litter. Honestly this cat litter is a game changer for people with litter trays!..I think its magic Honestly if you have a house cat please try this out and thank me latter. ????

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  • Published by on 21/12/2021

    Good quality

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  • Published by on 12/12/2021

    Our cats love this. They take turns sleeping in it.

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  • Published by on 08/12/2021

    Total success/everybody love this.

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  • Published by on 09/06/2019

    Lovely bed, my cats love it

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  • Published by on 29/12/2014

    My cat immediately started to play with it, giving him a clear joy. So for that and the quality I will give this product 5 stars. Although, it is made of paperboard which easily get destroyed so overall 4 starts

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  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    quality chic and stylish bowls for water and cat food. perfect size, easy to fill, easy to clean and durable. ideal height for easy feeding. the only drawback is that the metal dish cannot be placed in microwave to warm the food if from fridge. otherwise very happy with this fine product. :D

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