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Food for reptiles

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Food for reptiles

You've decided to have a reptile at home, and you've bought the right one for terrarium or aquarium conditions? Well now you have to feed him. No problem, as you can buy everything you need for your home habitat in our shop online animals, here we offer a variety of food for reptiles , all of it prepared by manufacturers specialized in feeding these animals, serving if they are reptiles herbivores , insectivores or omnivores .

Food for reptiles

You already know what your iguana or type of reptile that have purchased feeds? The type of food that is what we have. In the case of herbivores, prestigious brands like Hagen or Vitakraft offer their compounds iguanas meals made from different plants, herbs and flowers. All these ingredients are present in the form of feed, dried plants or sticks, so that the proportions to your animal with the look you better eat them .

Obviously any of these food products for reptiles are valid to give to the omnivorous animals, although in these cases logically have to add other foods to provide them with animal protein. And in this line, a true classic are the crickets or grasshoppers dehydrated , each appropriate for the size of a reptile or another. And even food for iguanas and other reptiles can also be made from dehydrated worms . That is, it is necessary to consult on each species to give him most appropriate to your diet and needs.

You can rest assured, in our online shop that we have pet insurance. In addition, as long as it is good for them you can be changing the diet of your insectivorous reptiles, as grasshoppers, worms or dried crickets them you can add protein from other prey in their natural state such as snails or worms flour, exquisite for example for certain species of frogs and toads. In short, specialized brands such as Trixie menus or Lucky Reptile try to offer the most complete food possible.

And even if you want that your pets have the illusion of hunting, you can see that in our shop reptiles have several accessories for it. For example, sticky traps for insects to be fixed or also provide an aqueous gel to keep alive the crickets that will then be your iguana's diet.

Food for turtles

The turtle feeding ground may be different from those of water, basically because their habitat find their food in a different medium. Moreover, many of the tortoises are herbivorous animals while feeding water turtles in your diet includes animal proteins. Something that we and prestigious brands in the sector, such as Friskies , Arquivet or others, offer their boats gammarus for turtles , some tiny dried shrimp they love turtles.

Food supplements for turtles

However, food for turtles in captivity do not usually provide them the calcium they need these animals, which can be avoided with different extras on a specific section. In fact, calcium is also very important in feeding the reptiles.

But in the section of food supplements for reptiles and turtles there is only blocks calcium for turtles , some are so natural that cuttlefish bones of animals digest very quickly and effectively. There are also other accessories products very beneficial for them. You will see that we have mineral mixes that help them strengthen shells turtles , and also offer gels and liquids added to your food or water provide them with vitamin D3, which is essential to metabolise calcium and do not fall ill.

Finally, in you have all the necessary food for iguanas, chameleons, lizards, reptiles and several plus for frogs, toads and turtles, both aquatic and terrestrial.