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Essential Hygiene for dogs

SUMSU Essential Hygiene for dogs

Sumsu is a range of products for the care of your dog's coat. From shampoos and conditioners to perfumes and detanglers. A wide variety of formulations that will leave your pet with a spectacular coat.
Sumsu has ranges for dogs of all ages, from puppies to adults. You can also find a wide classification according to the coat of the animal. Do you have a white-haired dog and would like to enhance the shine of its coat? Sumsu has the perfect product for you.

Essential Hygiene

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What are the benefits of Sumsu?

- Leaves a fresh, long-lasting scent
- Clean and shiny coat
- Special composition with quality ingredients
- Helps to maintain the physiological properties of the skin
- Suitable for both short and long hair

Sumsu also has packs of 3 products designed according to the characteristics of each pet. All of them at an unbeatable price.