Stangest Shampoo M-Derm

M-Derm shampoo contains chlorhexidine, an antiseptic with bactericidal and fungicidal action. Its antiseptic action is due to the fact that it causes the disruption of the microbial cell membrane, altering its permeability. It also contains Boric Aci ...


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Ingredients Stangest Shampoo M-Derm

Chlorhexidine: antiseptic with bactericidal and fungicidal action. It has residual activity (5-6 h) due to the affinity that keeps the active principle adhered to the skin. It has no cutaneous absorption, so it has no adverse effects.

Boric Acid: its antiseptic properties synergize with chlorhexidine, being especially effective against Malassezia. The combination of the two substances allows covering a wide spectrum of mycoorganisms, thus increasing its efficacy against primary pyodermas and their secondary complications.

Sodium Thiosulfate: ideal for the prophylaxis of dermatophytosis and as a topical antifungal agent due to its slow release of sulfur. It also has keratolytic activity.

Tea Tree: has a great power of skin penetration and has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and healing effect. It also exerts antioxidant activity and has a broad spectrum against infections caused by bacteria and fungi affecting the skin and mucosa.

Features Stangest Shampoo M-Derm

  • Reference8436020788932
  • Quantity250 ml
  • Shampoo ApplicationWet hair
  • Hair colorNot Specific
  • PropertiesAntiparasitics and repellents
  • BrandStangest


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Description Stangest Shampoo M-Derm

Customer Reviews Stangest Shampoo M-Derm

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Es un champú que cumple su función y además huele genial y cunde. En mi caso tengo un perro con dermatitis atópica(varias alergias) que necesita baños recurrentes y le va genial.


Todo ok????????????????????????????


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