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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

Savic comfort diapers are useful in various situations, 

This product is mainly indicated and useful for senior dogs who when older get urinary incontinence who find it difficult to control the sphincter. In this case we need to help them so that they don´t suffer from trauma of not knowing what is wrong. It could also be used for female dogs when bleeding but we recommend you more the Slip Doggli. Another thing I don´t recommend it for is for teaching puppies not to urinate indoors. When giving your dog housetraining it´s much better if you use

Savic Puppy trainers 

We recommend this product if you are to go to someone elses house where you are afraid the dog will pee or make a poo but not to use at home. 

The best position is for seniors who already have dogs urinary incontinence, can not scold them when they are beginning to lose the ability to control sphincter, and while not wanting to escape them, so what we do is help this not represent a trauma. The second option is for bleeding before estrus females, for hygiene inside the house, but I recommend best Doggli Slip.
And another use but I would not recommend is the use in puppies. Many seek to use them to prevent the puppies pee in the house and this is a big mistake. What you should do is provide education Pipi, and during the time of education, better provide an area to urinate, perfect if you use

Savic underpads offers you the Puppy trainer.
One can understand that will use it on puppies if you go to visit another house and fearing that it will do them pee, but usually not to be at home with this position, as are puppies but ye aprendenden eduquéis.


Savic Comfort Nappy Diapers

Savic 12 Comfort Nappy are disposable diapers for dogs. Recommended for: untrained puppies, bitches in heat, nervous dogs, dogs with incontinence. Available in black color. Sizes correspond to the permeter in centimeters of the dog's waist. Measureme ... See full description


  • T-1 12,67
  • T-2 13,80
  • T-3 15,02
  • T-4 16,21
  • T-5 17,28
  • T-6 18,40
  • T-7 Check availability Notify me

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 12,67 12,67€/unit
  • x2 -0,25€ 25,09 12,42€ last unit
  • x3 -0,38€ 37,63 12,29€ last unit
  • x5 -0,63€ 62,72 12,04€ last unit
  • x1 13,80 13,80€/unit
  • x2 -0,28€ 27,32 13,52€ last unit
  • x3 -0,41€ 40,99 13,39€ last unit
  • x5 -0,69€ 68,31 13,11€ last unit
  • x1 15,02 15,02€/unit
  • x2 -0,30€ 29,74 14,72€ last unit
  • x3 -0,45€ 44,61 14,57€ last unit
  • x5 -0,75€ 74,35 14,27€ last unit
  • x1 16,21 16,21€/unit
  • x2 -0,32€ 32,10 15,89€ last unit
  • x3 -0,49€ 48,14 15,72€ last unit
  • x5 -0,81€ 80,24 15,40€ last unit
  • x1 17,28 17,28€/unit
  • x2 -0,35€ 34,21 16,93€ last unit
  • x3 -0,52€ 51,32 16,76€ last unit
  • x5 -0,86€ 85,54 16,42€ last unit
  • x1 18,40 18,40€/unit
  • x2 -0,37€ 36,43 18,03€ last unit
  • x3 -0,55€ 54,65 17,85€ last unit
  • x5 -0,92€ 91,08 17,48€ last unit

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Features Savic Comfort Nappy Diapers

  • Reference5411388033804
  • BrandSavic
  • ColorBlack
  • Units1
  • SizeSmall, Medium, Big
  • Product TypeBriefs, Nappies

Description Savic Comfort Nappy Diapers

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