Inodorina Magic Home Sandalwood

Cleaner, degreaser and perfumed with a new active formulation, specific for environments inhabited by pets. Inodorina Magic Home is suitable for all washable surfaces and all types of floors. It is also suitable for cleaning crates, sandboxes, cages ...


  • 1 L 5,59 5,59€/L

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  • x1 5,59 5,59€/unit
  • x2 -0,11€ 11,07 5,48€ last unit
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  • x5 27,95 5,59€ last unit

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Features Inodorina Magic Home Sandalwood

  • Reference8031398252100
  • Weight1 Kg
  • BrandInodorina
  • Quantity1 L
  • Product TypeDisinfectant, Detergents

Description Inodorina Magic Home Sandalwood

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