Gloria Pets Long Hair Nippers

The knot cutters for dogs are used to remove difficult knots that can not be untangled with a brush without pulling. It is used to undo knots that may have the hair of our dog, when passing the knot cutter must think that cuts therefore it is recomme ... See full description


  • 18 cm 10,23 56,83€/M

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  • x1 10,23 10,23€/unit
  • x2 -0,20€ 20,26 10,03€ last unit
  • x3 -0,31€ 30,38 9,92€ last unit
  • x5 -0,51€ 50,64 9,72€ last unit

Features Gloria Pets Long Hair Nippers

  • Reference8432288131169
  • BrandGloria Pets
  • Size18 cm
  • Units1
  • Hair lengthPelo Largo
  • Product TypeRemoving knots

Description Gloria Pets Long Hair Nippers

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