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Needless to say you would if you dog. Your pet most of the day lying on his blanket or your favorite corner is passed, however when you feel like playing, you better have something to reach for fun, because it will catch anything that will motivate or come to ask you you play with him, and maybe at that point you're busy. Well that does not lack any toy to entertain your dog, we have a whole section dedicated to it in our online store animals.

Here you can find various objects for entertainment of your animal. Some of them know that work perfectly as balls or stuffed animals, however sure we have others who do not like the imagined and you should try if they are of like your pet. You will see that we have water toys for them to swim and play at the same time or even games intelligence dogs , so that the animal is physically exercise but also from a mental standpoint. So take a look at this paradise for fun with your dog.

The most typical games for dogs

The most classic to play with your pet are biting dogs . They love bite, but you must teach him that he can not do anything. So it is best that from puppyhood juguéis with him and identify perfectly what can bite and what not. In this sense ropes dog prepared exclusively for them. But brands of pet industries, like Kong or Freedog dog chews designed as attractive to the animal, since they are attracted by their colors, textures and even the sounds they make when chewed. And as variant you have natural toys for dogs of various brands such as Ferplast.

Undoubtedly another reference between the canines toys are bones for dogs, whose function is identical to Snapper, with the addition of that form of bone memory. This is intended to refer to the passion of the dogs gnaw bones, but really if you gave choose prefer the steak.
However, bones are not the only toy that has naturally. There are many other accessories for dogs in this line. Especially many of them made in latex resistant to withstand as long as possible. Almost all the manufacturers as Trixie and Alcott have some kind of toy latex dog . And on the other hand there are other objects made in a weaker material, but they love. They are cuddly dog .

Balls and Frisbees for dogs

While the above are toys that can entertain animal alone. In the case of balls for dogs most interesting it is to play with him. Something you like more. You just have to teach him to make controlling your strength, especially in the case of larger dogs. Once that is achieved, he will enjoy the beautiful, but also you playing a game with the ball, to say nothing if you throw the frisbee for dogs and is able to catch the flight.

Obviously if your dog likes to swim, you'll be able to play with the ball or disc in the water. But also we offer other water toys for dogs in our animal shop.

In short, everything you look for fun your dog will find in our pet store. Sure to find the one you need your pet.

Dog sport: agility

We have called sport, for our mania for everything related to humanize our pets. But in reality, agility exercises do not cease to be a huge fun, for exercise that makes the animal and certainly because it does in the company and with the collaboration of its owner. For him, that's the best of the practices that make the toys for dogs agility . That is win-win. The animal will be healthier, stronger, leaner, happier, and more educated as no longer a dog training. Also the owner will be more agile, because if only a little, something has to move. Also will be happier for interacting with your pet and will also be quieter, because after playing, the dog will end up exhausted and relax completely at home.

More interactive games for dogs and owners

We have a section that we call intelligence and interactive games where you have several possibilities to buy educational toys for dogs especially going to do to exercise your mind. Something that is also very important for them and for your relationship.

These interactive toys for dogs are generally based on when the animal does something well get a snack as a reward. That is, it has its prize. You will be surprised how quickly they learn when dog food involved. Of course a technique that is applicable to any game you to do with it. For example, give a prize if grasps well the frisbee for dogs, or if it is able to pass all the tests on their way toys agility and even when you stop giving snacks to anything and find your biter dog, give a prize so you know you are doing the right thing.