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Oscar V.

Clean teeth while chewing. Dental oral hygiene for our dogs must be one of our priorities in the health care of our pets. Brekkies with TotalDent gives our dogs a tasty stick to reduce dental plaque and prevent bad breath. We also recommend the use of wind-up toys, and even tooth brushing as beneficial actions to maintain perfect teeth and fresh breath.

Brekkies Excel Miniature Dog Snacks Total Dent

Brekkies excel Total Dent is a flexible stick for the total hygiene of your dog's mouth. Thanks to the combined action of the mechanical effect and the active ingredient it reduces the formation of bacteria. In this way it helps to: - reduce tarta ... See full description


  • 28 Sticks 12,05

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 12,05 12,05€/unit
  • x2 24,10 12,05€ last unit
  • x3 -0,36€ 35,79 11,69€ last unit
  • x5 -0,60€ 59,65 11,45€ last unit

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Ingredients Brekkies Excel Miniature Dog Snacks Total Dent

Cereals by-products of vegetable origin meat and animal by-products mineral substances.

Features Brekkies Excel Miniature Dog Snacks Total Dent

  • Reference8410650208688
  • Weight180 GR, 720 GR
  • BrandBrekkies Excel
  • Product RangeBrekkies Excel Dog Snacks
  • AgeNot Specific
  • Snacks ShapeSticks
  • Dog SizeMedium
  • Units7 Sticks, 28 Sticks
  • ManufacturerBrekkies Excel,ESP 08300105,AFFINITY PETCARE S.A. Plaça Europa, 54-56, 08902 Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)

Description Brekkies Excel Miniature Dog Snacks Total Dent

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Aprovech una oferta a un precio muy bueno que siempre viene bien ahorrar algo y mas de un producto que a mis perros les gusta


gusta sabor y es de calidad



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