Nayeco Cat Silhouette Scraper



Hanging cat scratching post in the shape of a cat's head silhouette. Very useful and versatile as it can be hung or left stretched on the floor depending on the position that our feline likes to scratch.


  • 40x32x0,5 cm 13,01 2,03€/M

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  • x1 13,01 13,01€/unit
  • x2 -0,26€ 25,76 12,75€ last unit
  • x3 -0,39€ 38,64 12,62€ last unit
  • x5 -0,65€ 64,40 12,36€ last unit

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Features Nayeco Cat Silhouette Scraper

  • Reference8427458023573
  • BrandNayeco
  • ColorGray
  • Weight230 GR
  • ColorsGreys
  • MaterialsSisal
  • Number of FloorsPequeños
  • Size40x32x0,5 cm
  • Product RangeToys

Description Nayeco Cat Silhouette Scraper

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