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Marie K.

Cats that have access to the outdoors and have contact with soil or grass are more prone to internal parasites. If your feline does not receive regular preventative treatment, they are at increased risk of developing complications associated with bacterial infections.
Internal deworming is recommended twice a year and can be started as early as 4 months of age.

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Beaphar Natural Antiparasitic for Intestinal Parasites

Natural internal antiparasitic that promotes the expulsion of intestinal parasites in cats and kittens.   Beaphar Natural Internal Antiparasitic for Cats fights intestinal parasites naturally using herbs such as garlic extract, chamomile and t ...


  • 50 Tablets 13,88

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Ingredients Beaphar Natural Antiparasitic for Intestinal Parasites

Garlic extract (Allium sativum), Roman chamomile powder (Chamaemelum nobile), sweet wormwood extract (Artemisia annua), thyme (Thymus vulgaris), meat flavor, excipients. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 4%, Crude cellulose 3.6%, Crude fat 1.5%, Moisture 8.6%, Crude ash 3.5%.

Features Beaphar Natural Antiparasitic for Intestinal Parasites

  • Reference3461920400047
  • BrandBeaphar
  • FormatTablets
  • Type of ComponentsNaturals
  • Units50 Tablets

Description Beaphar Natural Antiparasitic for Intestinal Parasites

Customer Reviews Beaphar Natural Antiparasitic for Intestinal Parasites

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Tablets are quite big… what a challenge it is to use it ;)


La verdad es que todavia lo tengo. Les tienes que dar cada dia y no és practico


Muito bom


Comprei para dar como prevenção para meu gato (gato tem 4 anos - 7 kg).
Os comprimidos mais quimicos ele vomita, estes engolia sem problemas e não vomitava.
Comprimidos têm cheiro forte a camomila.

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