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Birdcages baths

Comfort is a very important factor in birds. It is recommended that all cage has the necessary accessories so that the bird can feel comfortable and wrapped, as if its natural habitat, because, otherwise, could have cared stressful situations. To prevent such incidents, acquires baths birdcages that we offer you in and gives your pet welfare and health you deserve.

In our online catalog we have a wide range of bathtubs for canaries, among which you can choose outdoor birdbaths and interior birdbaths , according to your preferences and needs.

Tips for bathing your birds

The hygiene in a pet bird is essential if we avoid getting diseases easily. Generally, birds are very clean animals, which have always neat themselves, without using any special bathroom accessory. So now if you decide to buy a bird bath, it is important that at first are not alone and have a partner who learn normal hygiene habits.

It is always advisable to have a spray bottle to sprinkle a little. At first they were scared, so we recommend that you do not get too close and be very gentle.
If you have a bathtub for canaries, do not forget to change the water regularly, daily if possible, to prevent your pet from getting diseases or infections.

Brands in bathtubs for bird cages

When we buy items of comfort for our bird it is very important that we choose those that ensure quality and durability us. Bathtubs for bird cages have to have the exact measurements and material suitable for our bird enjoy your bathroom properly, and power without risk of injury. On our website you can find online birdbaths different brands.


Once the purchase through our online web , your bird bath will be home in an estimated time of 24 hours. If your order exceeds 49 euros, we offer free shuttle service.

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