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Psittacus for birds

Psittacus for birds

PSITTACUS CATALONIA, SL was created in 1998 with the initial goal to develop its core business in the field of psittacine birds (parrots) as pets. Currently its scope is much broader and includes all the pet birds and ornamental.
The most important areas of work of the company are:
  • The breeding in captivity of the species of bird that has more prestige as a pet: African Grey parrot or African gray red tail.
  • The development, manufacture and marketing of foods parrots with PSITTACUS trademark.
  • The development, manufacture and marketing of food for pigeons and other wild birds branded WILDIETS.
  • The development and manufacturing for the company Ornithological Science SL of  food for canaries and finches wild branded SERINUS.
  • Conducting research studies in our own R & D and collaboration with scientific institutions.
  • Editing publications specialized on the breeding and keeping of parrots.
  • The dissemination of knowledge about breeding of parrots.
  • The collaboration with non-profit entities linked to the promotion of captive breeding and protection of wild populations in captivity.
  • The distribution of other products related to breeding birds: incubators, brooders, DNA determinations ...  
Our breeding center gray parrots ( Psittacus erithacus erithacus ) is one of the largest ever in the European Union, with more than 300 breeding pairs. Babies born in the center are raised and socialized in our nursería, where leave for their new homes.
We also have a center dedicated exclusively to research, mainly in the field of nutrition, animal behavior and general animal husbandry, which includes many different species of birds.
Poultry feeds are the other major area of work of the company. Our wide range of high quality food and specificity are the result of the work of a team of nutritionists, ethology, animal husbandry and veterinary clinical support team. 
This is our biggest growth area and are exporting to many countries within and outside the EU.


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  • Published by Babin Maria Theresia Gerda on 25/02/2020

    The foods is very good, my bird love's them.

  • Published by Sav Costi on 16/11/2018

    amazing great pellets for the birdies

  • Published by Sav Costi on 16/11/2018

    top quality food for Blue

  • Published by Chayoung L. on 16/12/2014

    It's very good for my Red Rory parrot. She has expensive taste, but she loves Psittacus Loris Lectar so much. She get 5g weight after eating it.

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