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Advance Veterinary Diets Dog

Advance Veterinary Diets Dog

The foundation for good health is a strong immune system, and a good diet is fundamental to achieve this.

You control 100% of their diet.

ADVANCE is the only pet food reinforced with active antibodies (active immunoglobulins) that help protect your dog’s and/or cat’s intestines, ensuring that they are better protected against foreign bodies.

The ADVANCE formula is packed full of vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants (natural polyphenols) to maintain your pet’s optimal health through nutrition.

ADVANCE products contain animal-based ingredients with high quality proteins, such as chicken, turkey, salmon or lamb together with easily digestible cereals such as rice, wheat and corn. All this gives ADVANCE products a superior flavour.

ADVANCE’s constant innovations in advanced natural solutions lead vets to recommend the brand.

Advance Veterinary Diets Dog

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  • Published by Carol R. on 10/02/2016

    My labrador retriever loved these treats. They went down very well with her and I will be ordering them again.

  • Published by Claire P. on 05/02/2016

    One of my dogs loves these, but the other one doesn't seem to want to eat them and typically that is the dog with the skin condition! Will persevere as the food that these came with are making her skin so much better.

  • Published by Claire P. on 05/02/2016

    My dogs have been on this food for 2 weeks now and both have adapted well to it. The dog that has the bad skin condition has not chewed her skin since a few days after going onto the food so I'm very happy. Hopefully it will continue, but the initial signs are very encouraging.

  • Published by Dominic W. on 16/11/2015

    Our little staffie, Baxter, suffers terribly with allergies, so it's great to be able to have a handy treat we can reward the little fella with. And he loves them

  • Published by Jane R. on 25/03/2015

    used them as a topper to their normal kibble and the Poodles loved it..................................................................

  • Published by Laura R. on 03/03/2015

    Very happy with this special treat, it's fully hypo-allergenic so was good for my dog as he has an allergy, 10/10 again for this. They enjoyed the treats and weren't messy to eat.

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